A few months ago I found out about a brilliant opportunity that I really, really wanted to take up, only to find out I couldn’t due to its popularity. This opportunity was the Firbush Retreat that takes place next week. Well the other day I found out that one of the Phd students had dropped out so I automatically got their place. Hurrah!!!

Maybe I should explain why I am so excited about this retreat. It is 3 days of eating, living by a huge lake, doing outdoor activities (or in my case perhaps watching others do them, depends how adventurous I am feeling) and the chance to present a sequence of poems I have written in a form I have invented myself and of course spending every night at the local Firbush pub! As well as this I get to spend and get to know a whole host of lovely Phd students and get to know what they are working on! And all this at the cost of £7.70! That’s quite a bargain!

So this weekend will be spent writing my reviews for Other Poetry, preparing for the retreat and hopefully if I have time baking cookies for my wonderful housemates.

I just hope the snow doesn’t return in the next week. 😉

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